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WINNERS EDGE® Champion's Store

Winning in the show ring just keeps getting tougher.  As the quality of the animals and the showmen continues to grow the margin of superiority becomes increasingly smaller.  Everyone is looking for an edge.  Let us help you get that WINNING EDGE!

WINNERS EDGE® Feed Additives and Premixes

  • WINNERS EDGE® Show Cattle

    Winners Edge® Show Cattle Feed Additive

    Winners Edge® Show Cattle additive provides the total nutritional needs of the animal and the proper balance of amino acids for the proper utilization of protein. It is fortified with all the essential minerals and vitamins, buffer, amino acids, probiotic (microbial) and enzymes that are deficient in all typical feed rations, both commercial and home mixed!


    This product improves feed efficiency and bone growth, promotes outstanding hair growth, better muscle tone, less fat-more bloom and less stress.


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  • WINNERS EDGE® Show Lambs and Goats

    Winners Edge® Show Lamb and Goats

    Top dressed daily to provide the total nutritional needs and the proper balance of amino acids needed for the proper utilization of protein.  It is fortified with all the essential minerals and vitamins, buffer, amino acids, probiotic (microbial) and enzymes that are deficient in ALL typical feed rations, both commercial and home mixed!


    WINNERS EDGE ® Show Lamb & Goat Feed Additive has a 2:1 calcium over phosphorus ratio that aids in the prevention of urinary calculi.  It also helps to eliminate stress from exercise, hauling and confinement.  Feed conversion is outstanding and the feed consumed is converted into meat and not fat!


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  • WINNERS EDGE® Show Pig

    Winners Edge® Show Pig

    This additive contains vitamins (a-d-e-k) and the complete "b" complex., also contains all macro (major) and micro(minor)minerals. Buffers stomach with 50 mg of our Kicker Probiotic in each ounce of feed. Increases digestibility and microbial synthesis-aiding the digestive process, aids in the prevention of disease through outstanding nutrition and helps eliminate stress from exercise, hauling, heat and confinement. Has helped feed more champions, class winners and carcass champions all over the USA than any other product. Eliminates protein burnout. Not a protein or fat additive.

    Provides the total nutritional needs of the animal and the proper balance of amino acids for the proper utilization of protein.

    VERY IMPORTANT:  When the pig reaches 180 to 200 lbs, give each pig 4 oz. (2 scoops) daily. Their system requires more at this stage. Winners Edge® Pig Additive will strengthen and build bone structure, convert their feed into more meat and less fat.  They will attain a tremendous bloom and hair/coat and will stay fresh when holding weight gain.  It aids in control of scours with the the Kicker Probiotic.

    You can actually control the weight gain using show pig additive! (it is advisable to keep a tube of Kicker Probiotic on hand in the event of a stomach problem.  It is in gram form and has antibodies to get their system balanced in a hurry if scours occur.)


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  • WINNERS EDGE® Poultry

    Winners Edge® Poultry

    Over the years Winners Edge® Poultry Additive Feeders have dominated the State Fair of Texas, San Antonio, Houston, Ohio State Fair and many others across the country!  Winners Edge® Poultry Feed Additive promotes better feed efficiency, better muscling (through more meat development), less fat, better bloom, stronger leg tendons aiding in the prevention of perosis (Slipped Tendons) and development of stronger chicks during growth. Winners Edge® Poultry Feed Additive top dressed on the daily feed ration provides all the essential minerals and vitamins, buffer, amino acids, probiotics and enzymes that are required for stronger, healthier birds!



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  • WINNERS EDGE® Show Llamas

    Winners Edge®Show Llamas

    Winners Edge® Show Llama Feed Additive is a high performance mineral-vitamin feed additive that provides the necessary vitamins - a,d,e & k, the entire "b" complex, minerals (macro & micro) and the essential amino acids needed to balance the rumen for proper utilization of protein - without complications (protein burnout, off feed, losing wool, hard brittle nails) by buffering the rumen to aid in digestion. NO TOXICITY WHEN FEEDING WINNERS EDGE AS DIRECTED.


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  • WINNERS EDGE® Performance Horse

    Winners Edge® For Performance Horses


    Winners Edge® chelated mineral-vitamin feed additive is specifically designed for horses. It builds the red blood count to increase stamina without high levels of liver destroying iron and making them hyper! Improves feed efficiency and digestion, builds stronger bone and strengthens tendons, develops an outstanding hair/coat and bloom, increased attention span during training, increases endurance, promotes better muscle tone as well as promotes outstanding hoof development.

    Feeding Directions:

    feed 2 oz daily (1 oz morning & 1 oz evening).  during high stress periods feed up to 4 oz daily (2 oz morning & 2 oz evening.

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  • WINNERS EDGE® Show Rabbit-Granular

    Winners Edge® Show Rabbit-Granular


    Finally, a chelated mineral-vitamin feed additive that gets results! This exciting product is designed for rabbits. It is fortified with all the essential minerals and vitamins (a-d-e-k & the entire "b" complex) which are deficient in all feed rations. This product improves feed efficiency, muscle tone, fur /coat, bone growth, fertility, their tremendous bloom and reduces stress. Winners Edge®Rabbit Additive is the most economical feed additive for rabbits on the market today! When you consider how little you have to feed to attain the results that you will with Winners Edge Rabbit Additive, your cost is as little as $.01 head/day. You will save more than a penny in feed savings!  This product will build more meat, less fat, help to create a fantastic furry coat, aid in microbial synthesis in the cecum (aiding in the digestive process with improved absorption and assisting in the prevention of coprophagous), helps prevent fur chewing and hyper-irritability, increases feed conversion, increases butterfat content in does milk during lactation, increases fertility, helps to wean strong healthy babies.

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  • WINNERS EDGE® Exotic and Game Bird

    Winners Edge®  Exotic and Game Bird


    Winners Edge® Exotic and Game Bird Additive:

    * Increases the Stamina in Birds

    * Adds needed Grit to Ration

    * Strengthens Tendons in Legs

    * Increases Feed Digestibility

    * Increases Fertility in Breeders

    * Less Death Loss in Chicks

    * Get Baby Chicks started strong

    * Contains Vitamins A-D-E-K & "B" Complex, Chelated Minerals

    * Amino Acids at key levels needed by birds



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  • WINNERS EDGE® Mare and Foal

    Winners Edge® Mare and Foal with the KickerProbiotic

    Winners Edge® is a chelated mineral vitamin feed additive for mares during their open, gestation and lactation stages. It is also for growing colts through the
    age of 2 years old.


    * Increases Feed Efficiency and Digestion

    * Increases Fertility

    * Helps to build stronger bones and strengthens tendons and pasterns

    * Promotes proper hoof growth and helps to eliminate hoof problems

    * Develops an outstanding Hair Coat & Bloom

    * Increases butterfat content of mares milk

    * Helps to close plates on a colt's knees at an earlier age

    * Builds and maintains the red blood count without feeding high levels
       of liver damaging iron

    * It has an increased calcium level needed by mares and growing colts.


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  • WINNERS EDGE® Premixes and Free Choice Minerals

    Winners Edge® Premixes

    Breeding Premixes with the Kickertm Probiotic
    Mix @ 25lbs. per ton of feed


    Breeding Beef Premix

    Dairy Cow Premix

    Llama Premix

    Breeding Sheep and Goat Premix

    Swine Premix

    Feed Lot Cattle Premix

    Poultry Premix

    Ratite Premix

    High Phosphorus Deer Premix
    Mix @ 50lbs. per ton of feed


    Custom premixes and free choice minerals to your specifications upon request – minimums apply

    Cattle Pasture Mineral - 6% mag

    Cattle Pasture Mineral - 10% mag

    Sheep and Goat Pasture Mineral – 6% mag

    Sheep and Goat Pasture Mineral – 10% mag

    High Phosphorus Free Choice Minerals for Horses

    Winners Edge® Deer Mineral



    Free Choice Minerals

    Minimum Order 1,000 lbs. - Call for pricing

    Drop down for species - 50 Lb Bags


The Next Generation





Size & Price
Size & Price



10 lb PAIL

The new generation of Winners Edge®additives for your show animals. A chelated mineral-vitamin feed  supplement with KICKER Probiotics and Enzymes, a progressive new product for show pigs, cattle and horses, fortified with the  essential chelated minerals, vitamins, buffer, amino acids and microbials to  promote feed conversion, bone density and normal cartilage formation to help achieve its genetic potential and excel in the show ring!


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The ultimate all-natural finishing product blended of high quality  proteins and homogenized fats  for use on all show livestock for a smooth, even finish, an enhanced top shape, outstanding bloom and freshness, fortified with Selenium and Vitamin E.


Kicker Probiotics

Paste Tubes

Size & Price

This  product is a blended source of oral live (viable) microorganisms, digestive enzymes and electrolytes fortified with Vitamins A, D3, E and the B Complex.  This product is water soluble and can be used as a drench or added to the drinking water.  It eliminates stress and contains high levels of our KICKER™ Probiotics to keep the rumen in balance.

At the heart of every probiotic is the microbe. The microbe of choice produces results. Being compatible with its host, the relationship provides benefits to each other. Only in this manner can a long term relationship exist: with bacteria colonizing the gut, multiplying and replenishing their kind. In return, the host has a competitive edge, all due to reasonably priced quality microorganism products.



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The ultimate electrolyte designed to prevent stress from heat, hauling, exercise and intestinal imbalances.  It buffers and balances the intestinal tract.  It puts highly concentrated levels of KICKER™ Probiotics,  enzymes, antibodies, vitamins and stress relievers into your animals system immediately through their drinking water or in a drench solution. Is a blended source of oral live (viable) microorganisms and digestive enzymes.  Designed to be used as a drench (for severe stress conditions) or to add to  livestock drinking water at competitions, shows or on a daily basis as a preventive. Is undiluted and is the most cost effective stress reliever and rumen balancer on the market today.  As with all WINNERS EDGE® products, it is guaranteed!  It is safe and will meet any and all livestock test.


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Size & Price - All Species

A blended, top-dress product containing heavy levels of our Kicker probiotics and enzymes, yucca extracts, yeast culture, vitamins A, D3, E, the B Complex and natural zeolites to boost appetite and harmonize the rumen to reduce stress, promote joint health and enhance the finish on your livestock for a fresher appearance and feel. All animals love the taste of Finalizer-TD which encourages them to eat - even picky eaters.  No feed "burnout" when feeding this product and animals convert their feed more efficiently.



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